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Inception & Expansion

I became a full time claims adjuster in 1950. Shortly after that I saw a real need for a source of information to aid and assist the claims industry and also a need to identify quality reputable firms who could service the claims industry with integrity and quality in helping the adjusters find organizations that were willing to provide service, sales or workmanship in a manner that enabled adjusters to have pleased customers at a competitive price. I worked on this project for several years and in 1958 produced the first CAG edition in Seattle Washington.

I continued to expand CAG and published the  California Bay Area book in 1959 and the first Houston edition in 1960. I published those directly myself using what I called exclusive agents to sell the advertising and develop the rosters and other local information.


I saw that I needed an improved format to more rapidly expand CAG because I no longer had the time to work full time and continue with the expansion of CAG. I started licensing in 1966. The first license was Oregon which is still in the hands of the same family today.


I continued my full-time work, retiring after a 36 year career as PFSD Director of Claims for the Western U.S. My sole method of expansion of CAG was through word of mouth. Today (1997) over 65,000 copies are printed annually for distribution across the US to the insurance claims industry and others serving the industry I believe it is now the oldest and largest publication of its kind in America.


Richard A. Hourigan

National Licensor & Founder

August 1997



Casualty Adjuster's Guide 1966
Richard and Jackie Hourigan. Mr. Hourigan passed away in 1997.

Richard & Jackie Hourigan




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Richard & Jackie Hourigan


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